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1.   What are 'wacky' magnets?
'Wacky' magnets are whimsical laminated wafer-thin magnets.  They're hand crafted and manufactured in USA from vintage newspapers, catalogs and magazines.  Some folks call our magnetic products  recycled collectibles!  We hand craft special gift magnets for celebrations and holidays - Valentines Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. 
2.    What whimsical theme magnets do you sell?
Some of our most popular magnet themes are;  baseball - birthdays - cats - cows - dogs - fairies - fishing - flags - Irish Whimsy - Judaica - music - New York - quotes - senior citizens - shoes - teddy bears - Valentines Day - whimsy. 
3.    What use is a 'wacky' magnet beside the refrigerator?
Use 'wacky' magnets as fun gift items for family, friends or to enhance personal magnet collections.  'Wacky' magnets also decorate office file cabinets, school and  gym lockers.  Our wafer-thin magnets are surprise inserts for greeting cards, notes and letters.class postage.  In 2015, we developed a selection of magnets for non-porous surfaces such glass and stainless steel refrigerators.
4.    How do customers select 'wacky' magnets as a gift item?
One of our customers surprised a fishing companion with a magnet assortment from our 'fishing' theme.  Another customer celebrated her grandmother's needlework skills with our 'quilt' theme magnets.