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Interview with Carolyn Smith, crafter & founder of 'Wacky' Magnets
"Hooked on Whimsy"
The popularity of whimsy has proven that 'Wacky' Magnets has a sense of humor and a penchant for laughter.  United States-based magnet artisan Carolyn Smith has carved a healthy market niche for her laminated magnets and whimsical crafted plaques.  Smith also crafts a line of magnetic paper dolls under her company brand 'Wacky' Magnets, explains her design aesthetic.
You use magnets in a particularly whimsical way.  How did you develop your style, and what is it about magnets that make it the right medium for your artistic output?
I guess my style has naturally developed over the years.  I find it very easy to visualize something of an artistic rendering from scouring junk mail, catalogs and magazines to get the whimsical end result of a 'Wacky' Magnet!™.
Do you have favorite examples of your work?
My favorite piece is always the last thing I crafted.  When I am creating a magnet I am always thinking about the next magnet, so I am constantly thinking ahead. 
What do people most connect to in your work?
People connect to my work in different ways.  Some love the quotes or use of color while others like the nostalgia in the magnet, especially if it is triggers a branded memory.  But I think most of all, people love the humor I put into each magnet.
How would you describe your aesthetic?
My design ethos is that you have to love and believe in your ideas, however strange they may be.